"They just don't make 'em like they used to"

Blackwater & Sons was created to serve as a centralized hub where nostalgically-inspired collectors, artists, creators, and dreamers such as ourselves may be able to create, curate, and coalesce under a now-manifold and iconic brand.

Uniting beneath a fictitious facade that exudes a classically-inspired vibe of distinct decadence and old-world corporatism, Blackwater & Sons has amassed a very real and loyal online and mailbox-based community that is dedicated to preserving and understanding the shared past of our ancestors and of the experiences they accumulated long ago. By understanding and considering the past to be more than just an "outdated" and "forgotten" period of time, we feel that we can more clearly observe mankind's overarching and fruitful experience as one which we may use to reflect and grow into the present and future. By learning about the goods, ideas, tools and people who came and went before us, we may see clearly the inherent value to be found in some of the smallest and simplest things life has to offer us.

Some of the items that we collect and sell in our online shop are obsolete in nature–not unlike many of the past stories and experiences we aim to reflect upon. However, this does not prevent us from enjoying, displaying, and even using these things as we go about our modern and contemporaneous lives.

In a world where we are increasingly surrounded by screens (and antisocial people with their faces in them), it's sometimes nice to sit down, spin a rotary telephone dial, and mindfully engage with whomever answers. Or, as many of us prefer, to pick up a fountain pen and actively work things out on a piece of paper or write a letter to a distant (or nearby) friend.

It's too easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of the modern age, and it often causes many of us to ultimately neglect or even lose a sense of meaningful purpose. So, join us on our journey to the past, and see how truly simple and enjoyable slowing down and sipping on a pipe full of fresh, clean tobacco can really be.

As the old adage goes, "They just don't make 'em like they used to."

Top: Our fictitious building facade, designed by Daniel Myers–President of Blackwater & Sons. Contact us for inquiries regarding custom-designed graphics, personalized stationery, and requests for other types of commissioned artistic works.

Landing Page: Watercolor building facade; originally of Goes Lithographic Company of Chicago, Illinois – a company that is still in existence today, though which sadly no longer operates out of it's original, formidable brick plant. The original artwork has been graphically restructured and modified by DM to more closely resemble the superstructure of the building we use for our bill- and letterhead business stationery [top].

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