They may not make 'em like they used to... but we still do – Since 1888*

Since first opening our doors in 1888*, Blackwater & Sons has maintained a pristine record of customer satisfaction as a result of our punctilious eye for detail, our ceaseless devotion to typewriter, paper, & pen, and -- most importantly -- as a result of our unique habit of transporting our customers back in time. Every order is processed & packaged as it would've been if you had meandered into our brick-and-mortar store from a dusty train car in 1888, and you can still expect to receive in the mail that same ornate billhead/paid order receipt that you would have stuffed under your top hat or into your coin purse long ago.  

Uniting beneath a novelized facade that exudes a distinctly 19th-Century tenor of American decadence and industrialism, Blackwater & Sons has over the years amassed a loyal following of philatelic customers and fans that are dedicated to preserving, understanding, and emulating the shared artistic and visually aesthetic world of our ancestors.

As the old adage goes, "they may not make 'em like they used to"... (but we still do).

*- Basically since 1888. Pay no attention to our utterly fictional, novelized backstory. We are *basically* as old as we pretend to be, and we *feel* pretty old.
Top: Our fabled department store facade
Landing Page: Watercolor rendition of the Blackwater & Sons production plant and adjacent department store. Graphically altered from an original illustration of 'Goes Lithographic Company' of Chicago, IL.

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