An accrescent exhibition of art, artifacts, and custom designs

Honor and Glory crowning time; an elegant gift from an esteemed suitor.

Posing with a paper guillotine, a relic which is infamous in France for cutting off paper edges really nicely.

All Blackwater & Sons business crosses this desk.

Countess Devereaux accompanies D.D. to a white tie gala.

One of our commissioned handwritten wedding invitations.

The infamous Blackwater & Sons billhead. Sent out with all orders; revered by inferior competitors.

We take selfies with new employees. Meet Andrea – the new General Manager.

This candlestick telephone doubles as a bicep workout.

The latest rendition of our facade, now used on all company envelopes, billheads, and letterheads. Contact us for custom commissions.

Our oldest employee inspects the product lightbox/photo booth.

Company President Daniel had an eventful December (in 1922).

A Peterson Newgrange pipe, just moments before sipping a nice bowl of Wilshire tobacco from Tinderbox (of Dublin, OH).

Hold on, I need to respond to this [telegram].

For the stamp enthusiast in all of us.

The pipes that started it all.

Practice makes perfect.

[SOLD] One of the neatest writing instruments I've ever used.

This set of two wall sconces is one of the many things we can't seem to let go of...

[SOLD OUT] Hardy locks for the discerning collector.

All calls for the company President are screened by Thackeray Binx – the resident, elderly, polydactyl cat.

Accoutrements of the "everyday carry" variety.

Daniel's desk phone, the beloved Western Electric 202. This is where 84% of all calls are telemarketers, and where 100% of hang-ups sound super hardcore.

Mockup of our popular "Diamant" return address label.

Circleville, Ohio. A very well-named town.

This Royal No. 10 was passed down to a friend as a family heirloom. I restored it for her – free of charge, of course, being that it was my first attempt at a complete restoration.

A charcoal drawing I did of the Titanic in 2018. No, these things do not come naturally to me, which is clearly a cryptic way of saying "this took me an entire Sunday."

Hunter desk fan, date of origin unknown. Rewired, cleaned up, and causing a stiff breeze that can be felt across the county.

It's cool to be extra.

Daniel's painting of Marla Singer from Fight Club, which we've been explicitly told we're "not allowed to talk about."

This cross stitch will no doubt be familiar to the more seasoned person's among you.

Daniel's very first meerschaum calabash estate pipe was purchased from an Irish gentleman at the annual Lucasville Trader Days show in Lucasville, Ohio.

Underwood No. 5 manual typewriter, cleaned, type bars realigned, carriage return strap and ribbon replaced, and ready for a long day of annoying everyone in the building.

Westinghouse desk fan from the mid-1920's, rewired by yours truly.

My first attempt at building a Nixie tube clock, with custom wooden encasing created with the help of master craftsman Lindsay Conkel.

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